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Building professional ability of Boneza Ball equipment producers, coaches, referees, players, clubs, federations, championship in the world and game known as inclusive, attractive, affordable and easy to learn and play.

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Ihaniro: A spot which is in 9m distance against the Imbonezo where players stand to take ikosora.

Ikaraba: Touching the ball with hands as a fault.

Ikosora: The sanction to a fault considered as heavy; it is confirmed by referee.

Imbonezo: is made of an open circle space “Imbono” where to target a ball for scoring a goal and a fabricated net combined to form the Boneza Ball goal.

Imbono: The space through which the ball must pass to score goals. It is an open circle 50cm in diameter, strung together with a loose net (See injishi).

Imfashi: Two vertical posts of 2 to 3m in height, connected by two horizontal and parallel ropes to hold Imbonezo.

Impera: The line which marks the perimeter of the Boneza Ball court.

Injishi: Something like a net in the goal hoop that players kick the ball into to score a goal. It does not allow the ball to pass through to go to another side of the court. In that case, it confirms a goal.

Ishorezo: It is small space reserved to start the game and resume after a simple disciplinary fault.

Kuboneza: Targeting the ball into Imbonezo to make a goal.

Kuvogera: Entering the Urutavogerwa without consent, while a player is not on position No 2.

Kwinjirira: Entering the Urugwanyuma or Urugwambere without consent.

Umubushabushi: The player in charge of disturbing the opposing team. He/she stands on the opposite side of the court to their own team, amongst the opposition, in position No 1.

Umugwagati: A line that divides each half of the court into two equal zones, parallel with the halfway line (See diagram of court).

Umwatagati: A line which divides the whole court into two equal sides.

Urugwambere: The zone of each half of the court, closest to the imbonezo.

Urugwanyuma: The zone of each half of the court, furthest from the Urutavogerwa.

Urutavogerwa: An area of the court where the player in position No 2 plays, and no one else to meet him or her in this space (See diagram of court, above).