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The ball

A size four or three point five ball made of leather or leatherette tissue.


Imbonezo is needed to make goals. This open circle space “Imbono” is to be 50 cm in diameter. To measure the Injishi (loose net) to string on Imbono, use a cone with a diameter of 50 cm and a height of 30 cm.


Imfashi is composed of two vertical posts of 2 to 3m in height, connected by two horizontal and parallel ropes to hold Imbonezo.

Other kits

Ordinary sport clothing and comfortable sport shoes, appropriate for the court surface. Gloves and knees protections are needed for people with disability when playing on cemented court. 

Boneza Ball Uniform uniqueness: Inkindi za Boneza Ball (In elasticity cotton belts with players and referees numbers in back and front triangles). They put them on jersey with triangle shoulders shape.